Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Golden Eagle Rescuers Needed

The Teton Raptor Center is looking for volunteers who are willing to transport injured Golden Eagles, and potentially other raptors, to licensed rehabilitation centers so that they can receive the care they need. Please see the details below from Carrie Ann Adams, and feel free to share the flyer with others who you think may be interested! Click the image for a downloadable PDF flyer.

If you would like to help, call 307-203-2551 or email raptors@tetonraptorcenter.org.


Carrie Ann Adams, Program Associate at Teton Raptor Center: "Thank you for your dedication to avian conservation and for providing opportunities for people to learn about birds. At Teton Raptor Center in Jackson Hole, we share your commitment to involving the public in avian conservation, with a special focus in birds of prey. Our mission is to advance raptor conservation through education, research, and rehabilitation. One of our newest initiatives is the Golden Eagle Rescue Network, and we are looking for volunteer Raptor Rescuers.

We have a new opportunity for bird lovers throughout Wyoming to help rescue injured and orphaned eagles. Through a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant, we are coordinating a network of volunteer drivers, WGFD officers, pilots, veterinarians, and rehabbers to transport injured eagles in Wyoming to licensed rehabilitation centers. Wyoming currently has three raptor rehab centers: Ironside Bird Rescue in Cody, Teton Raptor Center in Jackson, and Wind River Raptors in Lander. Raptors injured near Laramie can also receive care at the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program in Fort Collins, Colorado.

We hope that members of the Laramie Audubon Society, or other avian aficionados in your area, will be interested in becoming Raptor Rescuers. Volunteering typically involves transporting injured birds in kennels from a WGFD office to a rehabilitation center. There is no minimum time commitment, and rescuers can choose to participate on a case-by-case basis. While the network is initially intended for Golden Eagles, there will be opportunities to help other injured raptors as well."

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Upcoming field trip: Dawn chorus at Happy Jack

Please join Tim Banks this Saturday, June 4, as he leads a birding trip along the Happy Jack Trails to see what forest birds can be found. Many birds are back and singing on their breeding grounds, including various flycatchers, warblers, and other goodies. This will be a more walking-intensive trip than some of our others, so bring suitable hiking gear.

We will meet at 6 am at the Summit Rest Area. Bring binoculars, water, etc. Be sure to gas up ahead of time. It is about a 20 minute drive from Laramie to the Summit area.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Upcoming field trip: Hereford Ranch

Our next field trip is this Saturday, May 21. Note that we'll leave at 7 am (one hour earlier than usual) because we will head to the Hereford Ranch on the east side of Cheyenne. Shawn Billerman will lead the search for songbirds. The riparian areas at the Hereford Ranch host an incredible array of expected migrants and often deliver a few rarities!

Again, meet downtown at Coal Creek at 7 am to caffeinate and carpool. We will be back to Laramie by noon--if you can only join us for part of the time, be prepared to drive your own vehicle.

All Laramie Audubon field trips are free and open to the public; families are welcome. This trip is a particularly nice one for beginning birders. Bring binoculars, water and snacks, and dress for the weather.
Yellow-rumped Warbler at Hereford Ranch. Photo (c) Shawn Billerman.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Upcoming field trip: Arapaho NWR

Saturday, May 7: Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge near Walden, Colorado, in North Park. Meet at 8:00 a.m. at Coal Creek Coffee, 110 E. Grand Ave., in downtown Laramie, to caffeinate and carpool. The drive to Walden is about one and a half hours via Hwy 230 to Walden CO with stops along the way at Sodergreen Lake west of Laramie and Walden Reservoir in Colorado.

We will look for shorebirds and waterfowl in breeding plumage, raptors and grassland birds. We may get lucky and see the Western Grebes in courtship display running across the water at Walden Reservoir. At the refuge, there is a hiking/interpretive trail through wetlands where we are apt to see swallows, wrens, warblers, and perhaps a moose. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and water since this is a lengthy trip. It is possible to eat lunch in Walden after the field trip. We should return to Laramie by 2pm. The trip leader will most likely be taking a different return route on Jackson County Road 6E (gravel). Participants in their own vehicles are welcome to leave at any time.

Trip Leader: Vicki Henry, 307-760-9518. Call if you have questions. Be sure to program the leader’s phone number into your cell phone in case you get separated from the rest of the caravan. Fill your tank ahead of time if you are taking your own vehicle.

Western Grebes doing their courtship display. Photo (c) Steve Zamek, used with permission.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Audubon: the film

Laramie Audubon is happy to announce that it is co-hosting two screenings of a new film about the life of John James Audubon. The film will be shown in the Berry Center at 5 pm on Wednesday, May 4 and at 2 pm on Saturday, May 7.

The Audubon Society is named after John James Audubon, a pioneer of both North American birdlife and realistic wildlife illustration. Audubon's work strongly influenced following ornithological work as well as the conservation movement. Check out the website for the film to view a movie trailer and learn more about Audubon himself.

If you have some time to get lost in John James' beautiful art, National Audubon has digitized the illustrations from Audubon's Birds of America and you can browse them here.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Exploration, 23 April

Laramie Audubon will have a table at the Spring Exploration event this Saturday from 12 - 4 pm at Territorial Prison. Catherine Symchych will have bird-related activities for kids, and we'd be happy to see adult members and friends there as well!

For more info on the event, click here.