Changes to membership process
We have streamlined our membership process, both for our members and for our organization. Memberships used to last for 365 days from payment, but that keeping track of when memberships expire has become cumbersome as our organization has grown. Memberships will now expire on each year August 31, no matter when they were initiated since the previous August 31. So, remember to renew your Laramie Audubon Society membership in September of each year. Thanks so much for your continued support!

Benefits of membership
Laramie Audubon Society continues to be an effective voice for conservation and education around Laramie thanks to the support of our members. Members receive our newsletters four times a year and, most importantly, support the projects and vision of your local Audubon chapter.

We send you a paper copy of the newsletter by default, but if you would like to receive a digital copy instead, just let us know by sending your email address to when you submit your membership payment. We don't print our newsletters in color, so digital copies benefit you by having full color and benefit us by cutting our publishing and mailing costs. The money that we save by sending digital copies allows us to spend more of your membership dollars on conservation projects, speaker honorariums, and small grants.

Membership rates
Individual: $15
Family: $25
Student or low-income: $7.50

How to become a member
You can become a member in two ways:

1. Mail us an application from the back of a printed newsletter with a check for the membership amount to:

Laramie Audubon Society
PO Box 878
Laramie, WY 82073

2. You can use the Just Give button on the sidebar to pay for your membership with a credit or debit card.

We welcome additional support for our small grants program and conservation fund.

A note about National Audubon Society membership
You can join or renew your National Audubon Society membership any time of the year. When you join National Audubon, your benefits include receiving our local newsletters by mail or digitally for your year(s) of membership. However, joining Laramie Audubon Society in addition to National Audubon means that your dollars will work locally for wildlife conservation projects.

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