Thursday, February 18, 2021

Trip Report - Snow Tracking Trip

LAS's first field trip of 2021 (Saturday, February 6th) was widely anticipated as the kick-off to our Spring schedule.  And, the night before the outing, the forecast looked promising - snow ending Friday night and not resuming until mid-day on Saturday.  Perfect conditions for fresh tracks!  By Saturday morning, snow had ended in Laramie and the group headed toward the Snowies.  Unfortunately, the weather deteriorated in the Laramie Valley, with a whiteout encountered near the junction of Hwy. 11.  Despite the road conditions, five hardy souls gathered at the designated spot (intersection of Hwy. 130 and Sand Lake Road), where it was windy and snowing.  The group observed that any recent tracks were likely to be obscured by the blowing snow, and they decided to cancel the trip.  Unfortunately, there is no available backup date for this event.  We hope that conditions are more favorable for a tracking trip in 2022.  In the meantime, please consider joining one of our upcoming outings: