The Laramie Audubon Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization based in Laramie, Wyoming.

Contact us via email: laramie.audubon@gmail.com

Mailing address:
Laramie Audubon Society
PO Box 878
Laramie, WY 82073

Laramie Audubon Society promotes the conservation and appreciation of birds and other wildlife through education, outreach, and habitat stewardship. Officers and Board members are elected by our membership at the November public meeting. If you are interested in becoming more involved, please send us an email.  Note that as a safety precaution during the Covid-19 epidemic (November 2020 and 2021), LAS is holding elections electronically.  

Our logo was designed by Sierra Morrow from a Ferruginous Hawk line drawing by Rebekah Smith.

President: Laurel Armstrong
Vice President: Brian Waitkus
Secretary: Nick Minor
Treasurer: Samantha Weatherston

Board of Directors
Laurel Armstrong
Paul Dougherty
Jan Hart
Melanie McCormack
Nick Minor
Kathy Rittle
Brian Waitkus
Samantha Weatherston

Newsletter Editor: Paul Dougherty
Field Trips: all board members
Programs: all board members
Conservation: currently vacant
Outreach: currently vacant
Publicity: Kathy Rittle
Hospitality: all board members
Membership: Jan Hart
Website Coordinator: Kathy Rittle


More About Us

Melanie McCormack
My passion for birds started in college on my first day of ornithology class, when we went to a salt marsh covered in birds and I was hooked! I turned my passion into a career and started working odd bird jobs years ago, which brought me all over the country and eventually to Wyoming for a short job with the University. I fell in love with Laramie then but had to move back to New York for work and was a "boomerang" here for a while until I finally found a permanent job as a wildlife biologist in Laramie. I'm happy to finally be able to call Laramie home, and am enjoying being an active part of the vibrant community here. It is exciting to have new places to hike and new birds to find, and I'm looking forward to learning more about my new surroundings through LAS field trips and events. As a board member I hope to help with and promote all of the great LAS events and get more people in the community excited about birds and nature.

Brian Waitkus
As a person interested in natural history photography I wanted to learn about the life history of birds and other wildlife. Laramie Audubon outings and lectures offered a way to fulfill this goal. I have been associated with this organization since the late 1990s, and on the Laramie Audubon board for many years, presently serving as vice president. It has been an honor to watch the growth of Laramie Audubon through the years and play a small part in this progression.

 Samantha Weatherston
Samantha is a member of the Little Laramie Hikers club and has always been a “naturalist at heart.”  Samantha grew up in northwestern Minnesota and has spent a lot of time hiking and birding with her family. Samantha plans to expand Laramie Audubon field trips to include more family-friendly outings and connect with younger members of our community to build life-long birding hobbies and interests.