Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chimney Park Tracking Trip Report

Sunday April 1 three Laramie Audubon people joined Gary Beauvais for our annual winter animal snow track trip, no really, this was the day we picked for this outing.  Up in the forest near the Chimney Park Boy Scout camp we found about 3/4s of the area still covered with old snow.  The trip this year occurred without the aid of snowshoes or skis and though we located only semi-melted tracks of moose and coyote a good time was had by all.  Discussions during our little trip ran from identifying scat, to viewing fungus that creates a furry mat under snow,  to identifying how plants had been altered by mammals (i.e. moose on willow and aspen, and red squirrel and woodpeckers on pine).  Only a single blue grouse (I know it is now a "Dusky') was observed, but chickadees and a creeper were heard. In all a very nice spring outing.

Brian Waitkus
LAS Vice-President

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