Friday, April 19, 2013

Poaching Around Laramie

We have received reports of poaching around Laramie, both at the Plains Lakes and Hutton National Wildlife Refuge. It is illegal to hunt within the refuge and it is illegal to hunt migratory birds (Migratory Bird Treaty Act). If you encounter poaching, please protect yourself and then contact officials. You may be given a reward if an arrest and citation are made. 

The "STOP POACHING" Hotline phone number is 1-877-WGFDTIP (1-877-943-3847) or 1-307-777-4330 for out-of-state "STOP POACHING" calls only. Here's a link to their website: 

Alternatively, you can call the local police at 911.

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  1. One of these reports involved shooting Red-winged Blackbirds. Please be vigilant and keep our birds safe by reporting those who are engaged in these illegal activities!