Saturday, April 8, 2017

Trip report: Hutton Lake NWR, 08 April

Today, nineteen Auduboners headed out to Hutton Lake NWR. Fortunately, the wind was light early in the trip, so we had easy viewing of waterfowl on Rush and Hogue Lakes. Ducks and coots are at Hutton Lake NWR in great abundance. We had 12 duck species, but I wouldn't be surprised if we missed some, as the lighting was poor and the wind was ferocious by the time we scanned Hutton. We also found Tree Swallows, recently returned to the area and starting to stake their claim to the nest boxes located around the refuge. We were also treated to both Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Yellow-headed Blackbirds, Marsh Wrens chasing each other through the rushes, and both Golden and Bald Eagles.

You can view our complete list of species here. If you were on the trip and want to be on the eBird checklist, shoot me an email.

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