Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trip report: Hereford Ranch

This past Saturday, May 13, we had a great trip to the Wyoming Hereford Ranch. The trip coincided with eBird's Global Big Day, so it was nice to get out and submit some data! Highlights included Clay-colored Sparrow, Black-headed Grosbeaks, Plumbeous Vireo thanks to the Boulder folks that were also there, and fluffy Great Horned owlets. I also managed to pick up a Lazuli Bunting while I was working on my checklist after everyone else left...sorry guys.

Our full checklist is here. Thanks everyone for birding with us!

Great Horned Owl adult with two chicks. Photo by Tim Banks.


  1. The guy told me to park at the office and enjoy. Is birding only around the office or do we drive roads?

    1. Hi Sharon, sorry for the belated response. But just FYI, you can park by the office or just past the office by the informational sign, and then walk the paths/roads. The entrance road comes in from the south. We usually walk north along the creek, then loop southeast past the various buildings and walk out on the road that goes east (east from the stop sign by the office).