Saturday, July 1, 2017

Upcoming trip: Amphibians of the Laramie Range

Recent small grants recipient Andy Gygli will lead an amphibian herping trip in the Laramie Range on Saturday, July 8. We'll visit a pond in the Happy Jack area, and hope to see Tiger salamanders, boreal chorus frogs, and maybe even some Northern leopard frogs! We'll do some birding on the hike to the pond as well. The hike will be ~2 miles round trip, so come prepared for a little hiking to access the site. We'll need to bleach equipment before splashing around to look for herps, so please wear old clothes that can get messy.

We will meet at Coal Creek Coffee at 8 am to preemptively caffeinate and carpool. Please bring rubber boots or hiking shoes that can get wet, binoculars, field guides, snacks and drinks. We'll likely be back in town around noon, but if you need to come back early you can if you bring your own vehicle or coordinate with carpool buddies.

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