Monday, February 19, 2018

Trip report: Snow tracking

This post is by Brian Waitkus, I'm just putting it up. --Libby
The 17 February 2018 animal snow tracking field trip to Chimney Park led by Dr. Gary Beauvais was attended by 14 hardy individuals on this sunny but windy day.  The field trip started out with a female cow moose joining us near the parking area.  The last snow fall on Thursday suggested Saturday would be a great day to find animal tracks though due to the wind this day any tracks were soon obliterated resulting in only moose and mice tracks being found.  Gary spent the day discussing forest and winter ecology of the area as well as the natural history of local animals providing new insights and information to our crew accompanying him on skis and snowshoes.  Eight Mountain Chickadees were the only birds noted on this trip though raven and magpie were observed between Laramie and Chimney Park.

Photo by Brian Waitkus

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