Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Special talk: Chris Parish on condors!

A surprise first state bird was awaiting lucky hikers on Medicine Bow Peak the weekend of July 7. Nathan Pieplow found a CALIFORNIA CONDOR at the peak, and many hikers as well as birders were able to get amazing looks at a captive-raised, young female condor named T2.

Condor on Med Bow Peak. Photo by Brian Waitkus.
The appearance of this condor sparked a lot of buzz among birders and non-birders across Wyoming. We are also lucky to have Chris Parish from the Peregrine Fund give us a special talk about condor conservation this weekend! The Peregrine Fund is in charge of the condor reintroduction project in northern Arizona, which is where T2 came from.

Please join us this Saturday, July 21, at 4 pm in the Berry Center auditorium for Chris' talk. He will tell us about the Peregrine Fund's endangered species work with the southwestern Condor Reintroduction Program and lessons they have learned that provide insights for greater conservation.  Chris will describe the history of the condor, its threats and near extinction, followed by the inception of the greater recovery program and the Peregrine Fund's role in producing and managing free-flying condors. He will also discuss implications for landscape-scale conservation related to lead poisoning in wildlife. Click here to read an announcement about the Peregrine Fund's latest effort to encourage the use of non-lead ammunition in hunting and shooting for the sake of wildlife health.

Photo by Brian Waitkus.
See our next newsletter for Brian Waitkus' full article with more info on T2!

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