Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hutton Lake Nest Box Work Trip - Saturday, October 27th (8 a.m.)

We're heading to Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge Saturday (October 27th) to clean out the nest boxes.  The Girl Scouts of Laramie have been monitoring the boxes all summer, reporting the results to Cornell's national NestWatch program (https://nestwatch.org/).  We'll open each box to remove the nest materials and make simple repairs, where needed.  This is great chance to learn about the program and do a little birding at Hutton. 

Meet at Night Heron Books and Coffeehouse at 8 a.m. to coordinate carpools and get a snack. Bring warm clothes, water, WORK GLOVES, a scraper/putty knife (don't worry if you don't have one - we'll have extras), and binoculars.  Many people will likely remain at Hutton to bird after the work is complete - we'll plan the carpool groups to suit various schedules!

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