Monday, February 25, 2019

Trip Report - 2019 Annual Snow Tracking Trip

The 23rd of February 2019 animal snow tracking field trip to Chimney Park led by Dr. Gary Beauvais was attended by 19 individuals on skis or snowshoes.  Moose, fox/coyote, squirrel, snowshoe hare, and mouse tracks were located even though light overnight snow covered older animal tracks.  This variety of wildlife gave the group a sample of how the animals moved across the snow environment.  Gary spent the day discussing forest and winter ecology of the area including how the recent fire will alter the future forest composition.  Mountain Chickadees were heard while a brown tree creeper and hairy woodpecker were observed.  On the way traveling to and from Chimney Park a road killed mule deer was observed being fed upon by a bald eagle, a golden eagle and at least 20 ravens and 10 magpie.

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