Monday, June 3, 2019

Hunting Proposal for Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking public comments regarding their proposal to open Hutton Lake NWR to waterfowl hunting.  They are considering three alternatives - (1) no change to current policy (i.e., no hunting); (2) general hunt plus youth hunt (season lasting approximately from mid-September through the end of the year); or (3) youth hunt only (season limited to a single weekend in September).

The USFWS notes that the Refuge’s establishing legislation stipulates that the maximum area that can be opened to hunting is 40%.  The proposal therefore opens only 37% of the total acreage to hunting; however, that area encompasses both Hutton and Hoge Lakes.  Other than Rush Lake, most of the acreage that would remain closed to hunting is either upland habitat or has been dry for many years.  If you are interested in learning more about the proposal or commenting on the proposed alternatives, please reference the USFWS website:  The USFWS is accepting comments through June 21. 

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