Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mid-winter events

Thinking about planning your garden for this summer?

Audubon Rockies has a new program to help you be a habitat hero! Plant native species and attract wildlife species to your yard with their ideas. Already have a wildlife-friendly yard? Map it with YardMap

Looking for a citizen science project to get your kids excited about nature in the middle of winter? 

Consider watching and counting the birds at your or a neighbor's bird feeders with the Great Backyard Bird Count. Opening day is this Friday, Feb 14th (closes Feb 17).

Want to get out and explore winter wildlife?

Take your friends and family on a special outing with a tracking expert from the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database. This Saturday we are hosting a wildlife tracking trip to Chimney Park, about 45 min southwest of town. Meet at the downtown Coal Creek at 8 am to carpool. Bring binoculars, snacks, water, and skis or snowshoes. Learn how to read the signs that wildlife leave behind!

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