Sunday, February 28, 2016

Upcoming field trip: Winter birds at Happy Jack

Northern Pygmy-Owl in the Laramie Range. Photo © Cody Porter.
Doug Eddy and Cody Porter will kick off our birding field trips with an expedition to the Happy Jack area for winter birds on March 5.

As usual, we will meet at Coal Creek downtown at 8 am to caffeinate and carpool up to Happy Jack. Cody and Doug will scout out the best locations beforehand; if you'd like to meet us up in the Happy Jack area, you can get last-minute info on where we'll be by emailing us:

Cody and Doug are excited to try to find the Northern Pygmy Owl, a species that has recently been documented for the first time in the Laramie Range! Also expected are breeding Red Crossbills, all three possible species of nuthatches, and other fun winter birds--especially ones that are taking advantage of the huge ponderosa cone crop this winter.

Appropriate winter clothes and footgear strongly advised; snowshoes not necessary, just good boots.
A view from Happy Jack. Photo by Libby Megna.

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