Sunday, March 24, 2019

Eagle Banding and Raptor Research (Wednesday Evening Talk)

Wildlife biologist Mike Lockhart, formerly with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, will be giving a talk on Wednesday evening (March 27th) regarding his years afield trapping eagles and other raptors for scientific research projects.  The talk will center more on anecdotal experiences in the field rather than scientific findings, and will discuss interesting events and observed behaviors witnessed for eagles and a variety of other wildlife. 

As usual, the venue is the Berry Center Auditorium, located on the UW campus at the corner of 10th and Lewis Streets.  Arrive at 6:30 pm for birdchat and snacks or at 7 pm for the talk itself; leave yourself plenty of time to find parking - much of the formerly available parking is now obstructed by new construction.


  1. Hello! Will there be visuals/photos during this presentation and would it be ok to bring young children to this event (as long as they are quiet?)

    1. Hi Erikat,

      There will definitely be visuals! Kids are welcome but the talks are not designed for kids. If they get bored they could grab some coloring books, etc. from the kids' corner. :)