Saturday, October 5, 2019

Greenbelt Nature BINGO Walk Summary

First, we apologize if we missed anyone this morning! The Make a Wish Foundation Tour de Wish 5K coincided with our nature walk, causing lots of confusion! Eventually we did link up with three families, parents and about 10 kids, for a brief windy walk on the Greenbelt, beginning at Optimist Park.

While birds were scarce, we did see crows riding the wind, a couple ducks that looked like northern pintails but scurried out of the brush and into the sun too quickly to be sure, and a red-tailed hawk swooping in for breakfast. Our group consulted nature BINGO cards to look for other plants and animals along the way, and we spotted raccoon tracks along the riverbank. Several participants chimed in about bird sightings in their own backyards, including white crowned sparrows, northern flickers, grackles, and both mourning and collared doves. Later Janice checked in with a photo of a painted lady butterfly- something on the BINGO list we did not expect to see today!- seen at the Kids Pumpkin Walk at the Territorial Prison, where her family went after the Greenbelt.

Thanks to everyone who braved the wind to join us. Again, we apologize for the confusion at the park, and will be sure to bring a Laramie Audubon Society poster for our next kids meet-up. We hope we didn't miss anyone, and that you'll all join us again to explore!
Photo courtesy Janice Hiller. 

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