Friday, May 10, 2013

Species Lists for Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge Field Trip, May 4, 2013

The weather was perfect for the Arapaho NWR field trip in Walden, Colorado.  On the way we stopped at Sodergreen Lake, west of Laramie, then at Woods Landing, before heading to the refuge.  The species lists follow for each of our stops.  Unfortunately, the refuge was nearly dry.  However, the riparian area along the interpretive trail was flowing strongly with snowmelt.

Gadwall8Sodergreen Lake
American Wigeon4Sodergreen Lake
Mallard4Sodergreen Lake
Redhead8Sodergreen Lake
Bufflehead2Sodergreen Lake
Common Merganser10Sodergreen Lake
Western Grebe4Sodergreen Lake
Double-crested Cormorant4Sodergreen Lake
Great Blue Heron1Sodergreen Lake
Turkey Vulture2Sodergreen Lake
Golden Eagle1Sodergreen Lake
Killdeer2Sodergreen Lake
Ring-billed Gull2Sodergreen Lake
American Kestrel2Sodergreen Lake
Black-billed Magpie2Sodergreen Lake
American Crow4Sodergreen Lake
Horned Lark4Sodergreen Lake
Tree Swallow20Sodergreen Lake
Cooper's Hawk1Woods Landing
Northern Flicker2Woods Landing
Black-billed Magpie2Woods Landing
Tree Swallow10Woods Landing
Black-capped Chickadee2Woods Landing
American Dipper2Woods Landing
American Robin1Woods Landing
European Starling20Woods Landing
Canada Goose2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Gadwall4Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
American Wigeon2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Mallard4Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Blue-winged Teal3Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
American White Pelican5Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Killdeer2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
American Avocet13Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Willet6Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Lesser Yellowlegs2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Wilson's Snipe2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Ring-billed Gull2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
California Gull4Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
American Kestrel2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
American Crow2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Common Raven2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Horned Lark10Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Tree Swallow4Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Sage Thrasher3Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Vesper Sparrow10Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Savannah Sparrow4Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Red-winged Blackbird4Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Western Meadowlark2Arapaho NWR--Auto Loop
Canada Goose10Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Common Merganser1Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Black-billed Magpie4Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
American Crow2Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Common Raven2Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Tree Swallow30Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Violet-green Swallow4Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Barn Swallow10Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Marsh Wren1Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
American Robin2Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
American Pipit1Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Yellow-rumped Warbler1Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Savannah Sparrow1Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Song Sparrow3Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Dark-eyed Junco10Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Red-winged Blackbird10Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Common Grackle10Arapaho NWR--Interpretive Trail
Canada Goose30Walden Reservoir
Gadwall40Walden Reservoir
American Wigeon40Walden Reservoir
Mallard50Walden Reservoir
Blue-winged Teal10Walden Reservoir
Cinnamon Teal20Walden Reservoir
Northern Shoveler4Walden Reservoir
Northern Pintail10Walden Reservoir
Green-winged Teal40Walden Reservoir
Canvasback10Walden Reservoir
Redhead40Walden Reservoir
Ring-necked Duck10Walden Reservoir
Lesser Scaup30Walden Reservoir
Bufflehead10Walden Reservoir
Ruddy Duck10Walden Reservoir
Eared Grebe2Walden Reservoir
Western Grebe40Walden Reservoir
Double-crested Cormorant20Walden Reservoir
American White Pelican10Walden Reservoir
Great Blue Heron2Walden Reservoir
Black-crowned Night-Heron2Walden Reservoir
White-faced Ibis1Walden Reservoir
Bald Eagle1Walden Reservoir
Swainson's Hawk2Walden Reservoir
American Coot50Walden Reservoir
Killdeer4Walden Reservoir
Willet2Walden Reservoir
Wilson's Phalarope2Walden Reservoir
California Gull100Walden Reservoir
Common Raven1Walden Reservoir
Tree Swallow10Walden Reservoir
Barn Swallow4Walden Reservoir
American Robin2Walden Reservoir
Vesper Sparrow10Walden Reservoir
Savannah Sparrow2Walden Reservoir
Song Sparrow1Walden Reservoir
White-crowned Sparrow2Walden Reservoir
Red-winged Blackbird10Walden Reservoir
Yellow-headed Blackbird4Walden Reservoir
Common Grackle20Walden Reservoir

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  1. Be sure to join us for the Laramie Field Trip on Saturday, May 11. Meet at Optimist Park parking lot on Garfield at 7:30am. Julie Hart is our trip leader and she will take us to some of her favorite birding spots in town--Laramie Green Belt (a registered Important Bird Area), Greenhill Cemetery, and UW campus.